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Cellular communications using aerial platforms

El-Jabu, Bashir Ali R. January 2000 (has links)
No description available.

A study of the population genetics of nucleopolyhedrovirus infections within infected insects

Bull, James Christopher January 2001 (has links)
No description available.

The theory of volume holographic fan-out elements

Cawte, Paul Stephen January 1995 (has links)
No description available.

Compilation techniques for the Nottingham MUSE machine

Allsopp, D. January 1986 (has links)
No description available.

New approaches to radio system design to exploit multiple propagation mechanisms over long-range paths

Walker, Peter Francis January 1997 (has links)
No description available.

Investigating the role of auto-immune responses to transient axonal glycoprotein-1 (TAG-1) in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE)

Parikh, Khyati January 2009 (has links)
To examine the pathophysiological consequences of autoimmunity to TAG-1, CD4<sup>+</sup> T cells and autoantibodies specific for TAG-1 were generated and their potential to induce EAE was investigated in a rat model. An adoptive transfer of T cells specific for the first two immunoglobulin domains of TAG-1 initiates an intense inflammatory response in both the cortex and spinal cord in the Dark Agouti and Lewis rats. This is particularly interesting as conventional models of EAE are of little help in investigating the pathomechanisms responsible for cortical tissue damage, as the cortex is only rarely targeted by myelin-specific autoimmune responses in this animal model of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Moreover, when a demyelinating antibody like Z2 (anti-MOG) antibody was co-transferred with TAG-1-specific T cells it resulted in demyelination not only in the spinal cord white matter but also the grey matter and triggered demyelination coupled with macrophage infiltration in the perivascular areas of the cortex. This new model of cortical demyelination is exciting as it bears some resemblance with chronic progressive MS. However, two different monoclonal antibodies (4D7/TAG1) and 3.1C12) specific to TAG-1, when co-transferred with TAG-1 specific T cells, failed to mediate tissue damage in the CNS. Although the role of TAG-1-specific antibodies in EAE remained inconclusive from the preliminary experiments, this study clearly demonstrates TAG-1-specific T cells as a new tool to mediate EAE highlighting cortical pathology which can be exploited further to investigate the factors that control regional differences in the pathogenesis of inflammatory demyelinating lesions in the CNS. This new model might provide novel insights into the development of cortical pathology in MS patients and will ultimately guide to design therapeutic approaches in MS.

The prevalence of multiple sclerosis in the North of Scotland

Visser, Elizabeth Magdalena January 2013 (has links)
Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a common, disabling neuro-inflammatory disorder, whose prevalence seems to be increasing. Objectives: The main aims of this thesis were to: (i) systematically review good quality MS prevalence studies and assess heterogeneity in prevalence rates; (ii) conduct a new prevalence study in Aberdeen, Orkney and Shetland to assess temporal trends, compare rates to other areas and describe demographic, clinical and disability data in prevalent MS patients. Methods: The systematic review used defined search strategies to identify references that satisfied inclusion criteria. The influence of time, latitude, diagnostic criteria, quality of case ascertainment and methods of classifying patients on age-gender standardised prevalence rates and sex ratios were analysed by uni- and multivariate regression. The new prevalence study identified all MS patients alive on 24/9/09 from defined general practices through multiple sources. Primary and secondary care records were used to confirm the diagnosis. Prevalence rates were standardised to 2009 Scottish population. A postal questionnaire survey was conducted to gain additional data, which allowed a randomised factorial trial of the effect of envelope colour/address labelling on response rates to be performed. Results: The review identified marked heterogeneity (I2 99.7%) in prevalence rates, partially explained by latitude (p<0.0001), prevalence date (p=0.009) and number of ascertainment sources (p=0.04). High and rising prevalence was recorded in Orkney [402/100,000 (95% CI 319-500)], the highest worldwide, Shetland [295/100,000 (95%CI 229-375)] and Aberdeen city [229/100,000 (95%CI 208-250)]. Male-to-female ratio was 1:2.55 (95%CI 2.26-2.89). Postal response rates to brown/white envelopes were not different [OR 1.17 (95% CI 0.81 to 1.68)] but hand-written address labels had a higher response than computer-generated labels [OR 1.22 (95% CI 1.06-1.40)]. Conclusions: This research showed that MS prevalence remains very high in northern Scotland and confirmed international observations of rising prevalence. Explanations include increased survival, improved diagnosis and probably increasing incidence.

Personal Boundary Issues in Counselor-Client, Professor-Student, and Supervisor-Supervisee Relationships in Counseling

Thornton, Mark 16 May 2003 (has links)
This study was designed to explore the acceptability of social, business, and romantic relationships in counselor-client, professor-student, and supervisor-supervisee relationships. In addition, the study sought to determine whether professors and doctoral students in CACREP-accredited counseling programs responded differently to ethical boundary issues, and whether the differences in relationships between professor-student, supervisor-supervisee, or counselor-client influenced their responses. The study examined and compared the responses of participants to boundary issues on three different surveys. The results of the study revealed that personal relationships between counselors and clients were perceived to be less acceptable than relationships between professors and students and supervisors and supervisees. Personal relationships between professors and students were perceived acceptable at the same level as relationships between supervisors and supervisees with relationships between counselors and clients perceived as least acceptable. This research study revealed a significant difference between perceptions of participants regarding the social, business, and romantic relationships. Participants perceived the social relationships to be most acceptable, the business relationships to be more acceptable at a moderate level, and the romantic relationships to be least acceptable. Counselor educators and counseling doctoral students agreed regarding personal relationships in counseling in all but one of the six areas that were studied. A significant difference was found between counselor educators and counseling doctoral students in relation to the perceptions of personal social relationships. Counselor educators perceived personal social relationships between counselors and clients, professors and students, and supervisors and supervisees to be more acceptable than did counseling doctoral students. This study found that, among counselor educators, as their ages increased, their mean score on the Counselor-Client Survey increased. This suggests that as the counselor educators' age increased, their perceptions that counselor-client personal relationships were acceptable increased as well. In addition, older counselor educators perceived romantic relationships to be more acceptable between counselors and clients, professors and students, and supervisors and supervisees. This study provided information regarding the perceptions counselor educators and counseling doctoral students hold regarding the acceptability of persona l relationships in counselor-client, professor-student, and supervisor-supervisee relationships. Additional research is needed to determine where the limits should be set for personal relationships (social, business, and romantic) between counselors and clients, professors and students, and supervisors and supervisees.

A Comparison of Multiple-Model Target Tracking Algorithms

Pitre, Ryan 17 December 2004 (has links)
There are many multiple-model (MM) target-tracking algorithms that are available but there has yet to be a comparison that includes all of them. This work compares seven of the currently most popular MM algorithms in terms of performance, credibility, and computational complexity. The algorithms to be considered are the autonomous multiple-model algorithm, generalized pseudo- Bayesian of first order, generalized pseudo-Bayesian of second order, interacting multiple-model algorithm, B-Best algorithm, Viterbi algorithm, and reweighted interacting multiple-model algorithm. The algorithms were compared using three scenarios consisting of maneuvers that were both in and out of the model set. Based on this comparison, there is no clear-cut best algorithm but the B-best algorithm performs best in terms of tracking errors and the IMM algorithm has the best computational complexity among the algorithms that have acceptable tracking errors.

Langzeitkorrelation evozierter Potentialparameter mit dem klinischen Verlauf bei Patienten mit Multipler Sklerose / Early abnormalities of evoked potentials and future disability in patients with multiple sclerosis

Fackelmann, Stefanie January 2011 (has links) (PDF)
Evozierte Potenziale werden bereits als Hilfsmittel zur Diagnosestellung der Multiplen Sklerose herangezogen. Das Spektrum der Verläufe der Erkrankung ist sehr unterschiedlich. Ziel der Studie war es, zu prüfen, ob visuell (VEP), somatosensibel (SEP) und Magnet- (MEP) evozierte Potentiale durch das Aufdecken klinisch noch stummer Läsionen eine prognostische Bedeutung haben. Es wurden 94 Patienten bei Erstvorstellung sowie zum 5-Jahres- und 10-Jahresverlaufszeitpunkt untersucht. Es wurde ein Zusammenhang von MEP- und SEP-Scores mit dem späteren Behinderungsgrad, gemessen in Form der EDSS nach fünf und zehn jahren gefunden, sofern die elektrophysiologischen Untersuchungen in den ersten beiden Jahren nach Erstmanifestation klinischer Symptome durchgeführt worden waren (Gruppe 1, 44 Patienten). Für Gruppe 2 (50 Patienten), deren Erstuntersuchung später im Verlauf stattgefunden hatte (im Mittel 9,6a) konnte keine prognostische Bedeutung gesehen werden. Die Durchführung multimodaler evozierter Potenziale ist kann somit eine Hilfestellung zur frühzeitigen Therapieentscheidung geben. / Evoked potentials (EP) have a role in making the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) but their implication for predicting the future disease course in MS is under debate. EP data of 94 MS patients examined at first presentation, and after five and ten years were retrospectively analysed. Patients were divided into two groups in relation to the prior duration of disease at the time point of first examination: group 1 patients (n-44) were first examined within two years after disease onset, and group 2 patients (n-50) at later time points. As primary measures sum scores were calculated for abnormalities of single and combined EP (visual (VEP), somatosensory (SEP), magnetic motor evoked potentials (MEP)). In patients examined early after disease onset (group 1), a significant predictive value for abnormal EP was found with MEP and SEP sum scores at first presentation correlating significantly with Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) values after five years, while the VEP sum score was not. The cumulative number of abnormal MEP, SEP and VEP results also indicated higher degrees of disability (EDSS≥ 3.5) after five years. Combined pathological SEP and MEP findings at first presentation best predicted clinical disability (EDSS≥ 3.5) after five years (odds ratio 11.0). EP data and EDSS at first presentation were not significantly linked suggesting that EP abnormalities at least in part represented clinically silent lesions not mirrored by EDSS. For patients in later disease phases (group 2), no significant associations between EP data at first presentation and EDSS at five and ten years were detected. Together with clinical findings and MR imaging, combined EP data may help to identify patients at high risk of long-term clinical deterioration and guide decisions as to immunomodulatory treatment.

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