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L'Entente prohibée, à travers les avis de la Commission technique des ententes et des positions dominantes : décr. du 9 août 1953, ord. du 28 sept. 1967, loi du 19 juil. 1977.

Sélinsky, Véronique. January 1979 (has links)
Th.--Droit--Montpellier 1, 1978. / Index.

Wettbewerbsrechtliche Schranken für staatliche Maßnahmen nach europäischem Gemeinschaftsrecht /

Bach, Albrecht. January 1900 (has links)
Diss.--Juristische Fakultät--Tübingen--Eberhard-Karls-Universität, 1991. / Index.

Multimarket contact, collusion and market structure /

Böhnlein, Barbara. January 1994 (has links)
Thesis--Economics--Florence--European university institute, 1994. / Notes en bas de page. Bibliogr. p. 123-129.

Le critère d'appréciation substantielle des concentrations : étude comparée des droits communautaire et américain /

Viallard, Virginie, January 2007 (has links)
Texte remanié de: Thèse de doctorat--Droit--Paris 1, 2005. / En appendice, choix de documents. Bibliogr. p. 511-527. Index.

Incomplete Information : the Role of Competition / Informations incomplètes : le rôle de la concurrence

Shchepetova, Anastasiia 17 December 2014 (has links)
Le résumé en français n'a pas été communiqué par l'auteur. / This thesis analyzes the outcomes of competition in settings with incomplete and costly information. The first two chapters explore in depth the incentives of firms to influence the amount of information available for consumers prior to their purchasing decision. In many markets firms have a potential to make comparison of their offers intentionally costly for consumers, for example, by adopting confusing presentation frames. We analyze the strategic choices of firms and relevant policy implications in three different settings: in the markets with homogeneous, vertically and horizontally differentiated goods. We find that higher competition does not necessarily lead to better market outcomes for consumers. The last chapter addresses a more general question as to whether competition leads to more or less informed decisions per unit of costs, in the setting where information is costly to obtain. I compare the adversarial and the inquisitorial systems of law enforcement and characterize the necessary and sufficient conditions for one scheme to dominate another and provide additional arguments in favor of the inquisitorial system. The experimental results of Chapter 1 reinforce the finding that firms that charge higher prices tend to make their price structures complex for understanding. The experimental data also supports the theoretical predictions that an increase in the number of competing firms leads to more costly price comparison for consumers. Furthermore, imposing an upper bound on the cost of comparison that firms can choose lowers market prices both for informed and uninformed consumers and reduces price dispersion. As an implication, a policy that limits the extent to which firms can make it costly for consumers to compare several offers would increase consumer welfare. Chapter 2 extends the existing theoretical framework to accommodate horizontally differentiated products. Firms can choose to make their pricing structure and product features easier or harder to compare against competing offers. We find that price complexity increases with the price charged while product complexity decreases. For a high degree of product differentiation, there is a medium range of prices for which firms choose to make their offers fully transparent. Chapter 3 of this thesis analyses the outcomes of strategic information disclosure under different institutional arrangements: the adversarial and the inquisitorial. A decision-maker (DM) must take a binary decision faced with information provided by two persuaders: a firm that has an intrinsic interest in the final decision, and an expert who reacts only to monetary incentives designed by the DM. Under the adversarial arrangement, the expert is remunerated if the final decision is unfavorable to the firm. Under the inquisitorial arrangement, the remuneration is conditional only on the amount of disclosed information. I characterize the equilibrium of this disclosure game under the two arrangements, and provide the necessary and sufficient conditions for one system to dominate the other with respect to the level of precision of the final decision, net of the total cost of information acquisition. I find additional arguments in favor of the inquisitorial system.

Recherche sur les modes de règlement des contentieux liés aux infrastructures de communications électroniques / Research on methods of resolving disputes related to electronic communications infrastructure

Chéry, Blair 13 June 2014 (has links)
Les réseaux de communications électroniques sont à l’origine des contentieux de plus en plus fréquents dont les modes de règlement se révèlent particulièrement originaux. Ils impliquent notamment la mobilisation des compétences techniques que ne possèdent pas les magistrats professionnels où des durées de règlement des différends qui sont difficilement compatible avec les délais de procédure classique devant les tribunaux. En d’autres termes, ils appellent des formes originales de règlement des contentieux devant les autorités de régulation de communications électroniques. Un tel sujet resterait anecdotique si le contentieux des infrastructures de communications électroniques n’avait pas été traité de manière spécifique et avec une certaine ressemblance dans les différents systèmes juridiques. Notre objectif est de comprendre et d’analyser le contentieux dans une perspective globale. Dans cette perspective, au-delà de la répartition géographique de ce modèle, cette étude nous permettra de poser des questions de fond permettant de saisir le règlement des litiges dans toutes ses dimensions. L‘étude du règlement des contentieux des réseaux de communications électroniques dans sa globalité apparaît aujourd’hui essentielle pour la compréhension des grandes évolutions juridiques avec les grands bouleversements apportés par la mondialisation et les nouvelles technologies. / The electronic communications networks are causing disputes increasingly frequent whose payment methods are particularly original. In particular, they involve the mobilization of technical skills that do not have professional judges where periods of dispute resolution are hardly compatible with the deadlines conventional court proceedings. In other words, they call original forms of settlement proceedings before the regulatory authorities for electronic communications. Such a subject would remain anecdotal of dispute electronic communications infrastructures had not been treated specifically and with some similarity in the different legal systems. Our goal is to understand and analyze litigation in a global perspective. In this perspective, beyond the geographical distribution of this model, this study allows us to ask fundamental questions to capture the settlement of disputes in all its dimensions. The study of the settlement of dispute electronic communications networks as a whole now appears essential for the understanding of the major legal developments with major changes brought about by globalization and new technologies.

Investigations et sanctions en droit de la concurrence : etude de droit comparé /

Rohlfing, Stéphanie Regine, January 1994 (has links)
Texte remanié de: Doct.--Droit des affaires--Paris--Paris I, 1993.

La désorganisation : contribution à l'élaboration d'une théorie de la désorganisation en droit de l'entreprise /

Texier, Muriel. January 1900 (has links)
Texte remanié de: Thèse de doctorat--Droit--Perpignan, 2005. / Bibliogr. p. 523-588. Index.

The optimal enforcement of EC antitrust law : essays in law and economics /

Wils, Wouter P. J., January 1900 (has links)
Texte remanié de: Th. Doc.--Law--Utrecht, 2002--Utrecht University. / Bibliogr. p. 263-302. Tables des cas p. 303-314. Index.

US and EC oligopoly control /

Stroux, Sigrid. January 2004 (has links)
Texte remanié de: Doctoral thesis--Law--Florence--European University Institute, 2003. / Bibliogr. p. 249-269.

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