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Die Schwangerschaftsunterbrechung im kommenden Recht unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der medizinischen, sozialen, eugenischen und ethischen Indikation

Neuendorff, Willy. January 1934 (has links)
Inaug.-Diss. - Erlangen.

Transurethral microwave thermotherapy of benign prostatic hyperplasia : mechanisms of action and clinical outcome /

Brehmer, Marianne, January 1900 (has links)
Diss. (sammanfattning) Stockholm : Karol. inst. / Härtill 6 uppsatser.

The induced polarization receiver

Frýdecký, Ivan Igor January 1980 (has links)
The induced polarization receiver capable of detecting the intermodulation coupling products caused by the electrically nonlinear ground employing adaptive filters is designed and constructed. The sum of two sine waves is transmitted to the ground. The first adaptive notch filter rejects the received signal at the transmitted frequencies. The second adaptive notch filter is used as a spectrum analyzer to measure the Fourier coefficients at eight discrete intermodulation frequencies. The receiver was tested for its ability to recognized the intermodulation products and calibrated. / Science, Faculty of / Physics and Astronomy, Department of / Graduate

Noise Exposure System for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Johnston, Adam Michael 01 May 2012 (has links)
There is an estimated 10 million Americans that suffer from permanent, irreversible hearing loss from their workplace. Many soldiers come back from battle with this damage, mainly from the high sound levels of their weapons that they are exposed to. The U.S. government spends over $250 million a year in compensation to those whose hearing has been damaged. There are current medicines that have proven to help eliminate or lessen the affects from certain types of noise induced hearing loss, specifically from prolonged expose. A noise exposure system was needed to be built for impulse noise induced hearing loss testing. That would help lead to a medicine for impulse noise induced hearing loss. A system was designed and built to replicate the noise signal of an M-16 rifle. The system's digital noise signal produced was comparable to the recorded M-16 noise signal, which reached a 145 dB level. Testing showed that the relationship between the amplitude and the maximum levels measured were linear. Sound levels of the produced impulse waves had a maximum limit of approximately 160 dB. The system was designed with the idea of customization. There are multiple parameters that can be adjusted to best fit the testing needs. The noise exposure system will be used by researchers in the SIU school of medicine in research designed to test the effect. The results from Dr. the research will validate the effectiveness of the noise exposure system that was built.

A study of industrial hearing loss in Hong Kong : the contribution of impulsive noise characteristics /

Hui, Yat-ming, Simon. January 1983 (has links)
Thesis (M. Phil.)--University of Hong Kong, 1983.

Promoter activity of cold-induced protein of Tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus

Lin, Hou-chi 02 September 2008 (has links)
Temperature affects the sexual differentiation and the development of brain of tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus. Expressed sequence tags ( EST ) derived from the developing tilapia brain had been cloned in our laboratory. In the present study, we focus on the promoter of cold-induced protein. The promoter sequence of cold-induced protein from the transcription start site ( TSS ) were cloned by 5¡¦ rapid amplification of cDNA end ( 5¡¦-RACE ) and Genome Walker DNA Walking. The bioinformatic analysis was performed on the fragment for predicting the transcription factor binding site. We used the digestion method of restriction enzymes and an electrophoresis mobility shift assay to find transcription factor binding site. The results indicated that there is a putative POU3F2 binding site in the fragment form -157 bp to -149 bp. The luciferase activity assay was performed on this site and results indicated that wild type showed the enhanced promoter activity. However, site-direct mutagenesis of this site did not result in the reduction of the promoter activity.

Effects of fixed- and variable-time schedules of mirror presentations on the swimming behaviour of Betta splendens

Martin, Toby Laine 08 April 2009 (has links)
The effects of response-independent mirror presentation schedules on the swimming behaviour of Betta splendens were studied in two experiments. In experiment 1, four fish received alternating baseline (no mirror) and fixed-time (FT) 2-min or variable-time (VT) 2-min mirror presentation conditions. Two fish consistently showed increased rates of mirror-side lap-swimming (MSLS; a back-and-forth swimming pattern) and decreased distance from the mirror during the inter-stimulus intervals (ISIs) of FT and VT sessions, and during baseline sessions that followed FT and VT phases. Data from one fish indicated that a VT schedule might increase both proximity to the mirror and MSLS rates that have decreased on FT. Therefore, in experiment 2 three fish from experiment 1 received alternating FT and VT conditions. Proximity to the mirror and MSLS rates increased during VT phases relative to FT phases in two fish, though effects were small and did not occur across all alternations. Additional findings were that MSLS during ISIs tended to increase within FT phases, that MSLS generally occurred either at a steady rate within ISIs or showed a scalloped effect, that mirror presentations produced approach to the mirror side that persisted during ISIs and subsequent baseline phases, and that mirror-side distance during the mirror presentations was less than during the ISIs. Although the findings were not consistent across all fish, they were replicated a number of times within at least two of the fish. The findings are discussed in terms of adventitious operant conditioning, respondent conditioning, and the behaviour systems approach. The results of this study increase the generality of response-independent schedule effects on locomotive behaviour.


Mangos, George Jack, St. George Clinical School, UNSW January 1999 (has links)
Models of steroid-induced hypertension in man and rat have been well characterized but the mechanisms by which ACTH and glucocorticoids raise blood pressure are not fully understood. Recently described paracrine (eg endothelial nitric oxide) and humoral (eg PHF) factors may be important in human essential hypertension. These factors were examined in cortisol-induced hypertension in man and ACTH-induced hypertension in the rat respectively. In man, the haemodynamic effects of ACTH can be attributed to the adrenal production of cortisol, but whether the major rodent glucocorticoid corticosterone is responsible for ACTH-induced hypertension in the rat has not been resolved. This question was examined in these studies. In male volunteers, exogenous cortisol raised blood pressure and suppressed endothelium-dependent vasodilatation, by a mechanism which may be nitric oxide synthase dependent. Although dexamethasone and fludrocortisone also raised blood pressure, attenuation of cholinergic vasodilatation was not observed. From these studies, the data suggest that the effect of cortisol on endothelium-dependent vasodilatation is unique to the endogenous hormone and not reproduced by synthetic agonists of GR or MR. Impaired endothelial vasodilator function may contribute to cortisol-induced hypertension in man. In the rat, exogenous corticosterone, administered in doses to achieve circulating concentrations similar to those observed in the experimental model of ACTH excess, reproduced the haemodynamic and some of the metabolic changes which characterize ACTH-induced hypertension. Further, like ACTH-induced hypertension, corticosterone-induced hypertension was prevented by L- but not D-arginine, and this effect was completely prevented by NOLA. It is likely that adrenal corticosterone mediates the hypertensive effects of ACTH excess. Parathyroidectomy had no significant effect on the rise in blood pressure secondary to ACTH excess. It is unlikely that PHF contributes to the model of ACTH-induced hypertension in the rat. The bioassay for the measurement of PHF could not be reproduced in our laboratory, leaving a question mark about the relevance of this putative factor in hypertension research.

An electrophysiological study of tetanus toxin-induced hippocampal epilepsy

Sundstrom, Lars Eric January 1988 (has links)
No description available.

Laser studies of species involved in plasma etching processes

Booth, J. P. January 1988 (has links)
No description available.

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