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An Investigation into the Relationship between Total Quality Management Practice and Performance in a Taiwan Public Hospital

This thesis investigated the relationship between Total Quality Management (TQM) practice and hospital performance from 1997 t0 2001 in a Taiwan public hospital. In Taiwan, previous research focused on TQM practice and hospital performance in the manufacturing sector. Earlier research relevant to hospitals emphasised outcomes, such as hospital efficiency. The current study differs from the previous hospital research by examining comprehensive organisational performance, including financial and non-financial performance. The objective was to gain insights into ways in which the managers of hospitals might use the findings to enhance the hospital performance levels. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) 2001 health care criteria for performance excellence were used as a research instrument to measure TQM practice and hospital performance. Data were collected using triangulation method, that is a self-assessment questionnaire, focus group interviews and documentation that is Government Annual Reports. Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) and Multiple Regression Analysis were utilised to analyse data from questionnaires. Findings from focus group interviews were coded and categorised. Findings from documentation were used to verify and validate the progress of hospital performance. The quantitative findings indicated that the demographic characteristics of employees had no significant impact on TQM practice, nor on hospital performance. Elements of TQM, however, were important determinants of overall hospital performance, the more committed the TQM practice, the better the hospital performance. The qualitative findings indicated that, for Hospital A, effective TQM would be accomplished through incremental organisational change. This research makes a contribution to both academic knowledge and hospital practice. It bridges the research gap in the relationship between TQM practice and hospital performance and also offers a solid foundation for future academic research. The study also provides short and long-term recommendations about quality improvement to both the manager and hospital A.
Date January 2003
CreatorsLai, Mei-Chiao,
PublisherAustralian Catholic University. School of Business and Informatics
Source SetsAustraliasian Digital Theses Program
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rights, Copyright Mei-Chiao Lai

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