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Reversible deformation for computer graphics

Since the introduction of Free Form Deformation (FFD) by Sederberg and Parry in 1986, a great deal of research has been performed in the area of space deformation for 3D shape modelling. However, many techniques do not provide local control, and almost all are non-unique mappings that are capable of producing foldover, making them unsuitable for use with implicit surfaces, or any object that should not self-intersect, and causing some problems for ray tracing. In this thesis, a new approach to deformation is presented. Blendeforming (Blended Deforming) provides foldover-free deformation with local control, which preserves implicit functions. Blendeformers are reversible deformations that are suitable for use in interactive modelling, ray tracing and image warping.
Date January 2006
CreatorsMason, David, n/a
PublisherUniversity of Otago. Department of Computer Science
Source SetsAustraliasian Digital Theses Program
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rights, Copyright David Mason

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