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I hope that I have got some art

In this thesis I have researched what I believe is the powerful, catalytic effect of poetry on the creative work of some artists. I have chosen three, Australian painters; Sidney Nolan, James Gleeson and Brett Whiteley. I have looked carefully at how the works of various poets have influenced and inspired these artists. I have put forward the idea that this engagement with the poetic realm has greatly enhanced the artist’s creative form-making. Indeed these artists have acknowledged their strong links with the world of poetry. I have touched very briefly on the ideas of some renowned philosophers who stress society’s need for fine works of art. In my opinion great works of art can come from this linking of painting with poetry and therefore, this nexus is to be encouraged. I have in my own painterly works looked to the poets for inspiration. In The Wimmera Series of landscape works, I read Brian Edwards’ and Homer Reith’s poetry, and found in their imagery a rich source of creative ideas. I continued to read the works of the poets and found that the poetry of Ezra Pound, Dante Alighieri, Judith Wright and the works of many others, were an inspirational and catalytic force. I have also discovered on this artistic journey that the very writing of poetry, my own attempts in this field, seemed to bring to my painting, a sharper, a more analytical and critical focus. Renowned art critics and art historians have criticised contemporary art for its lack of the poetic, and its boring shallowness. I would urge artists to engage with the poetic realm, and this interplay between painting and poetry, may produce fine works of lasting greatness. / Master of Visual Arts
Date January 2008
CreatorsCalderone, Ursula
PublisherUniversity of Ballarat
Source SetsAustraliasian Digital Theses Program
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsCopyright Ursula Calderone

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