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Learning styles and training methods :

The purpose of this study was to identify the learning styles of Malaysian managers and executives and specifically to determine whether the alignment training methods with trainees' learning styles can improve the effectiveness of learning in Employee Development programmes. A comprehensive literature review was done and a sample survey approach was adopted. Past studies in the research area were summarized and hypotheses were made for empirical testing. / The findings of this study indicated firstly that all the trainees can be categorized into different learning styles in accordance with Honey and Mumford's LSQ although there were a significant group of trainees that showed no strong preference at all. Secondly, trainers used a combination of methods in their training delivery. Finally, the empirical information suggested that training effectiveness is not positively related to the individual styles when a combination of training methods was used. The results revealed that there were no correlations between the overall learning styles and effectiveness of training. / This study also discussed some implications for the training of executives and managers in employee development programmes conducted by in-house training centres in Malaysia. / Thesis ((DBusinessAdministration)--University of South Australia, 2008.
CreatorsLoh, Kian Ling.
Source SetsAustraliasian Digital Theses Program
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