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Identifying the parameters of corporate reputation for the hospital industry in Singapore /

The hospital industry operates in a very competitive environment, where differentiation strategies play a very important role to out perform rivals. Corporate reputation is an intangible asset of immense value and probably the only sustainable competitive advantage that any hospital can possess. This research therefore has as its objective, the identification of the factors affecting the corporate reputation of hospitals. / The concept of reputation hinges upon the perceptions and beliefs of stakeholders. Perceptions and beliefs are intrinsically hard to manage. It is also hard to measure corporate reputation unless the parameters of reputation are known. Many of the current measures of reputation in the literature were found to be lacking in rigour. A search of the literature failed to find any comprehensive studies on identifying the factors affecting corporate reputation for the hospital industry. Therefore, the aim of this exploratory research was, to fill this gap in the understanding of corporate reputation of hospitals, from the Singapore perspective. / Thesis (PhDBusinessandManagement)--University of South Australia, 2007.
CreatorsAbraham, K. Thomas
Source SetsAustraliasian Digital Theses Program
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