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The role of company training programs to improve employee performance and company productivity

Research questions included: how much do company training programs appear to change quality, productivity, or employee involvement; and what changes might increase the effectiveness of quality/productivity training programs? An extensive survey instrument yielded fifteen useable replies from selected companies with participative programs in fourteen industries.Fourteen locations reported improved quality or productivity.Participative programs were often integral parts of quality/productivity programs. Sane locations operated two to five programs simultaneously.Training programs were judged as important contributors to major improvements in quality, productivity, or employee involvement. most locations did not attempt to estimate rate of return on training costs. Reported total training time ranged from 17 to 264 hours per employee. Five locations recommended same amount of training effort for all employees. Testing was seen as essential for skill training.Study recommended: management commitment; "awareness training" needs skill-building; customized programs; corporate resources or consultants to expedite application of new skills; only well-qualified, well-prepared trainer/facilitators; determination of training effectiveness; training program participation rewards. / Department of Educational Leadership
Date January 1991
CreatorsSchilling, Clifford William
ContributorsMcElhinney, James H.
Source SetsBall State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
Formatix, 122 leaves ; 28 cm.
SourceVirtual Press

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