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Interdependencies in multiple fixed ratio reinforcement schedules

Schuster (1959) and Keehn (1963), working with complex schedules of reinforcement, suggested that post-reinforcement pause (PRP) length was a function of the ratio requirements of the schedules' components. More specifically, Schuster indicated that a contrast effect may be the result of changes in schedule components from higher to lower requirements, or vice-versa. The present study attempted to determine the relationship between PRP length and response rate, and component requirements of a multiple fixed ratio schedule. Schedule interactions were examined when behavior was maintained at a given pair of schedules for a prolonged time, and when both schedules were studied at various values.In general, the results of the present study lend support to the position that component requirements of a multiple FR schedule do not interact, as demonstrated by the PRP, to cause a contrast effect to emerge. This study also indicates that an inverse relationship appears to exist between response rate and FR ratio size.
Date January 1980
CreatorsSergio, Joseph P.
ContributorsMeuiner, Gary F.
Source SetsBall State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
Formatiii, 20 [i.e. 22] leaves : graphs ; 28 cm.
SourceVirtual Press

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