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The research and development of multi-purpose forms and vessels

This creative project consisted of the artist creating various box forms that were to house treasures that were considered special to the artist or the viewer. His childhood memories and his appreciation of streamline design heavily influenced him. Metal is one of the hardest materials to form and shape but the artist was able to create soft edges and curved forms by using his past experience with the material. He experimented with various surface techniques from patinas to sandblasting and polishing to create the appearance he desired in each piece. By combining wood and metal he created successful works that worked well together forming relationships between the two and were visually stimulating. He was able to create boxes within boxes with hidden compartments that could hide special treasures. This project proved to be a success for the artist, not only did he learn more about the building techniques and develop new surface treatments, but he designed and created the pieces he had envisioned at the beginning artistic career. / Department of Art
Date January 2001
CreatorsWaddle, Robert L.
ContributorsNelson, Patricia A.
Source SetsBall State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
Format24 leaves ; 29 cm. + 9 col. slides.
SourceVirtual Press

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