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A Study to Determine the Agricultural Perceptions of High School Students for the "I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul!" Organization

The purpose of this study is to identify a target market of the “I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul!” (ILF) organization and establish marketing techniques for the organization. ILF is a non-profit organization committed to connecting the younger generations with information about agriculture and how food is produced.
This study thoroughly investigated the markets in three geographic areas throughout California. Surveys were administered to three high school’s English classes to gather data for analysis. The analysis identified the target market of the ILF organization and the associations between each target market and responses to questions regarding their agricultural knowledge, social media use, and grocery shopping preferences that will identify marketing strategies for the organization.
The survey results have determined the preferences of the target market and associated marketing techniques that will help the ILF organization. The survey results also provided the ILF organization with data regarding the high school students’ general knowledge of agriculture. This information will help the organization better connect to the young audience and start a conversation about agriculture and how food is produced.
Date01 June 2013
CreatorsBurris, Mindy N.
Source SetsCalifornia Polytechnic State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceMaster's Theses

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