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Abraham Academic Academy 國際語言學院企業計劃 / Abraham Academic Academy Business Plan

The intention of this business plan is to outline the creation of an internationally recognized education institute through its franchise of a world class set of chain schools that specializes in both supplementing a host country's national curriculum (cram school) and providing foreign language courses (language center).

The consumer-side of this education institute will focus on the provision of its curricula, programs, products and services to pre-university ages and levels (PK-Grade 12) through the development of kindergarten, elementary, and middle schools and junior and senior level high schools. The franchiser-side of the business will focus on the provision of everything needed by a school to ensure that a franchisee can be customer centric with the consumer-side running at optimum efficiency and the lowest possible cost structure.

Abraham Academic Academy is the Brand name of this education institution. It will function as the head-office and be responsible for the franchising obligations; franchising, curriculum and network development; and consultation, customer relation and student services development. All businesses and schools that operate within the franchise will adopt a portion of the name. For example, Abraham Academic Academy Kindergarten, Abraham’s Elementary Language Academy, Abraham Academic Academy Junior High School, Abraham’s Senior High Language Academy, Abraham Academic Academy Consultation Services and Abraham’s Student Services.

Abraham Academic Academy plans to own and operate some of its own schools as well as sell franchises. In terms of the chain's local growth and expansion plans, Abraham Academic Academy has organic and aggressive models that are interlaced. A point of interest is the Abraham Academic Academy view on education in this chain school era, which explains their focus on acquiring bankrupt and struggling schools and bringing into the brand small, local, independently run schools with the promise of a brighter tomorrow through our network.

Local for Abraham Academic Academy means Taiwan. We are going to begin our focus on Asia by starting operations in Taiwan. Our flagship school is to be located in a suburb of Taipei and will initially consist of kindergarten and elementary grade (1-6) school programs.

The local curriculum of a specific school will be based on the public and private schools that exist in the vicinity of that Abraham Academic Academy school, which the majority of our students are expected to attend. Initially, our language program will only focus on the English language and its curriculum will parallel the Western K-12 systems used in Canada, America, and Australia. Our language curriculum will also embrace elements of the British and European education system encompassed in the international baccalaureate program.

By having our language program focus on the Western K-12 system, we are in essence providing a service that is only available in a few of the elite schools in a Non-native English speaking country. The current vision of English as a second language (ESL) that is embraced by most language schools is very limited to a recreational sense of the language and is missing two important and practical applications that are crucial to a student’s development. First, to support a student, who in the future might make the transition to an overseas school through the provision of important knowledge already taught to local students there. Second, to provide a unique international view of the world to a student through subject matter that is neglected in both non-native English speaking national curricula and standard language school programs.

Internationally, Abraham Academic Academy plans to expand from its base of operations in Taiwan by proceeding to China. From China we plan to begin going south into Vietnam and north into South Korea. By this time we expect to bring the Chinese Language into our language schools curricula. The world already recognizes that China will be an economic powerhouse by 2030, and trends already exhibit that Chinese language acquisition will become important in the future. Our intention is to utilize the schools in our network in Taiwan and China to obtain Chinese teachers and managers. We will provide our Chinese teachers with an exchange program and groom managers to either own or temporarily run schools in the new countries while implementing the Chinese language programs there.

For the purposes of this business plan we intend to go over the long-term aspects of building the Abraham Academic Academy franchise, but focus on the immediate short-term opening of the kindergarten school.
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