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品質系統評價與品質策略建議之研究 -以A公司為例 / A Study on The Review of Quality Management System, Strategies and Recommendations A Case Study of Company A

美國馬康巴立治國家品質獎 (MBNQA)的卓越績效標準被公認為是質量管理最佳實踐的準確反映。自1988年推出以來,為了保持其最佳實踐,MBNQA 準則標准通過多次修訂而不斷的更新,並協助美國組織檢測改進領域,為參與者帶來變化和積極成果。


• 雖然作為世界前五大繼電器工廠,目前個案公司的市場份額不足10%。儘管訂單有所增加,但由於中國經濟成熟,該公司未能實現達成訂單數量的目標。因此,他們正計劃開發一個採用智能化的現代化工廠,並於在2019年中完成。
• 為了提高市場份額和因為生產能力的限制,公司調整了資源分配。 2005年,他們降低了低利潤率家用電器繼電器的產量,並專注於汽車繼電器和綠色能源。兩者都為公司帶來更高的利潤,並被認為是未來的主要收入來源。

• MB績效卓越標準的第七項核心價值(流程,以客戶為中心,員工隊伍,領導力和治理以及金融和市場)都顯示出了積極成果。但是在客戶服務,培訓方式,CSR活動等方面還可以再進一步提升。 / The Performance Excellence Criteria for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) are widely acknowledged as an accurate reflection of quality management best practices. Since its introduction in 1988, in the effort to maintaining its best practices, the Baldrige Criteria have continuously evolved through numerous revisions and has assisted United States’ organizations in detecting areas for enhancements, bringing forth changes and positive outcomes for participants.
By implementing The Performance Excellence Criteria for MBNQA as the benchmark framework for the case company in Taiwan, this study hypothesizes that high quality management is correlated with the improvements throughout dimensions of leadership, strategy, customers, knowledge management, workforce and operations.
This study employs the methods of case study as well as in-depth interviews with the vice chairman and the quality assurance manager. The results show:
• Being known as the fifth largest relay plant in the world, currently, the market share of the case company accounts for less than 10%. Even though there are orders coming in, the company has not been able to fulfill them due to the developed Chinese economy. Thus, they are planning to develop a modern factory adopting the use of intellectual standards to be completed by mid-2019.
• For market share improvement and production capacity limitations, the company has adjusted their resource allocation. In 2005, they lowered their production of their low profit turnover home appliance relays and focused on automotive relays and green energy. Both resulted in a higher profit generation for the company and are believed to be the future primary source of revenue.
• The seventh core value of the MB Performance Excellence Criteria under results (process, customer-focused, workforce, leadership & governance and financial & market) has all shown positive outcomes. However, aspects such as customer service, training methods, CSR activities still has room for further enhancements.
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