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New compliance management system of the University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany

The meaning of Corporate Governance is all values and principles guiding or regulating good and responsible business management.
Clearly defined roles and responsibilities for managing compliance, risks and checks is the prerequisite for the latter. For that reason, a compliance management system was set up at the University Hospital
Frankfurt in 2015.
Date23 August 2016
CreatorsIrmscher, Bettina
ContributorsGoethe-Universität, Universitätsklinikum, University of Miami, School of Law, Universität Leipzig, Juristenfakultät
PublisherUniversitätsbibliothek Leipzig
Source SetsHochschulschriftenserver (HSSS) der SLUB Dresden
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceCompliance Elliance Journal (2016),2:2, S. 47-51

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