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Compliance management at the Düsseldorf University Hospital

In light of the demanding requirements inherent to the operation of a university hospital, a multitude of compliance risks are entailed in the medical care, training, and research entail which such institutions are engaged in. If such risks materialize, the public will notice, which will substantially tarnish not only the public’s confidence in the proper functioning and the integrity of the impacted hospital, but ultimately, the whole German health care system. In examining the structural and requisite prevention protocols, three risk groups can be distinguished. The Düsseldorf University Hospital provides a leading example in the area of compliance management.
Date23 August 2016
CreatorsLambers, Mechthild, Schneider, Hendrik
ContributorsHeinrich-Heine-Universität, Universitätsklinikum, Universität Leipzig, Juristenfakultät, Universität Leipzig, Juristenfakultät, University of Miami, School of Law
PublisherUniversitätsbibliothek Leipzig
Source SetsHochschulschriftenserver (HSSS) der SLUB Dresden
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceCompliance Elliance Journal (2016),2:2, S. 27-46

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