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Hope and Despair in Pandora's Box: Perceiving Reproductive Reward and Risk of Genetics Technologies and Information

African American and white women (N = 39) were interviewed about reproductive rewards and risks regarding genetics information and technologies. Analysis of their talk reflected several important themes. Emergent “reward” themes included the would-be parents' reproductive decision-making, preparation, and prevention. “Risk” themes, which were more predominant than reward themes, included genetic information as stress producing, “child-designing” as a likely outcome, and the creation of a superior race as probable. Findings are discussed within a Problematic Integration Theory framework.
Date01 January 2003
CreatorsDorgan, Kelly A., Williams, Sandra L., Parrott, Roxanne L., Harris, Tina M.
PublisherDigital Commons @ East Tennessee State University
Source SetsEast Tennessee State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceETSU Faculty Works

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