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Give Me That Online Religion: Religious Authority and Resistance Through Blogging

This study of forty-nine Christian blogs explores how groups of bloggers in two case studies resist and/or perpetuate hegemonic gender ideologies online and where these bloggers draw authority from for these views. The findings reveal that bloggers are most likely to cite texts as sources of authority and are more likely to affirm authority (78.1%) than to challenge it (25.7%). The bloggers in my sample, who were majority male, use an array of strategies in their efforts to resist hegemonic gender norms. These included, but are not limited to, debating God’s gender, emphasizing women’s roles in the Bible, privileging equality in theological interpretations, redefining masculinity and employing satire and images to delegitimize hegemonic power.
Date01 August 2013
CreatorsEchols, Erin V
PublisherDigital Archive @ GSU
Source SetsGeorgia State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceSociology Theses

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