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Stomuotų žmonių gyvenimo kokybės valdymas / Management of life quality of people after stoma formation

Management of Public Health
Ina Ščepanskienė
Supervisor Ilona Bučiūnienė, Assoc. prof., Kaunas University of Technology.
Kaunas University of Medicine The Faculty of Public Health The Department of Social medicine- Kaunas, 2005.- P.44
The purpose of the study. To survey the treatment of rehabilitation-sanatorium, its involvement into social organizations of people after the stoma forming operations also the influence of post-operative treatment to the quality of life of people after the stoma forming operation.
Methods. The research was a questionnaire. The questionnaires were posted off to 250 respondents, 96 answers were received – the rate of answering 38,9%. The data of questionnaires was wrought using the statistical package of data analysis SPSS 9.0.
Results. 1.Patients outlive more rarely after the sanatorium treatment (63,2%“rarely“ had a sanatorium treatment, 47,9%-had no sanatorium treatment), they are able to manage the sewer of dejecta more properly. The sewer rarely effuses for them 84,4% and without the sanatorium treatment rarely effuses – 75%, more often have problems of appetite (8,6% with the treatment, and 23,8% without it).2.The patients, who belong to the Association of people after the stoma forming operation more rarely feel fatigue („rarely 45,5% who belong to the Association and 34,5% do not belong). They more rarely feel discomfort because of the strong smell and sound from the sewer... [to full text]
Date17 June 2005
CreatorsŠčepanskienė, Ina
ContributorsGentvilis, Stasys, Bučiūnienė, Ilona, Misevičienė, Irena, Raškevičienė, Rita, Kalėdienė, Ramunė, Bagdonas, Eugenijus, Starkuvienė, Skirmantė, Kaunas University of Medicine
PublisherLithuanian Academic Libraries Network (LABT), Kaunas University of Medicine
Source SetsLithuanian ETD submission system
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeMaster thesis

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