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Interaktyvios interneto sąsajos kūrimo metodika integruojant Flash, XML, ASP.NET, MSSQL technologijas / The methodology of interactive internet user-interface development by integrating Flash, XML, ASP.NET, MSSQL technologies

Internet in recent years has changed quite a lot, usual static user interfaces poorly satisfy user's requirements or do not at all. That is why there is a need to analyze a new breed of internet presentation-level technique – rich internet applications (RIA). Main RIA technologies and several internet projects were analyzed in this thesis. Macromedia Flash technology was chosen because of its flexibility, multiplatform implementation, rich user experience, good integration among various server technologies. An experimental system named Ferry transport booking system was built using Macromedia Flash technology and implemented with Microsoft server technologies. Experimental research of this project is described; a comparative analysis of rich internet application and simple static interface advantages is provided.
Date11 January 2006
CreatorsBargelis, Tautvydas
ContributorsStulpinas, Raimundas, Bareiša, Eduardas, Kiauleikis, Valentinas, Lopata, Audrius, Gudas, Saulius, Butkienė, Rita, Karčiauskas, Eimutis, Butleris, Rimantas, Nemuraitė, Lina, Kaunas University of Technology
PublisherLithuanian Academic Libraries Network (LABT), Kaunas University of Technology
Source SetsLithuanian ETD submission system
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeMaster thesis

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