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Mažų mokėjimų valdymo sistemos modelio sudarymas ir tyrimas / Micro Payments Management System (further MPMS)

In this document we are analyzing and modelling Micro Payments Management System (further MPMS). This type of system is based on new technologies. It is created in order to simplify every day’s usual micro payments for different services. All services that require micro payments are integrated into one and single management system. The usage of the created system is simple and easy. The clients of the system are all users that use car parking, city transport, theatre, cinema and other services where you don‘t need big money to pay for services. The users have to have terminal equipment such as: personal computer, laptop with internet connection or cell phone with SMS, WAP, GPRS, 3G functionality or micro-payments card. Payment is very easily done, once you picked a service you can pay buy bank transfer, mobile pay or money is deducted from your virtual account. We think that a lot of service provider will be interested in this type of management system. Also this intellectual micro payments management system will be useful for its users, because you don‘t need special equipment to use it, and this system helps you save your time and money.
Date07 June 2006
CreatorsMasteikis, Linas
ContributorsPlėštys, Rimantas, Jasinevičius, Raimundas, Mockus, Jonas, Barauskas, Rimantas, Toldinas, Eugenijus, Kazanavičius, Egidijus, Maciulevičius, Stasys, Telksnys, Laimutis, Pranevičius, Henrikas, Kaunas University of Technology
PublisherLithuanian Academic Libraries Network (LABT), Kaunas University of Technology
Source SetsLithuanian ETD submission system
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeMaster thesis

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