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50,000 Tiny Videos: A Large Dataset for Non-parametric Content-based Retrieval and Recognition

This work extends the tiny image data-mining techniques developed by Torralba et al. to videos. A large dataset of over 50,000 videos was collected from YouTube. This is the largest user-labeled research database of videos available to date. We demonstrate that a large dataset of tiny videos achieves high classification precision in a variety of content-based retrieval and recognition tasks using very simple similarity metrics. Content-based copy detection (CBCD) is evaluated on a standardized dataset, and the results are applied to related video retrieval within tiny videos. We use our similarity metrics to improve text-only video retrieval results. Finally, we apply our large labeled video dataset to various classification tasks. We show that tiny videos are better suited for classifying activities than tiny images. Furthermore, we demonstrate that classification can be improved by combining the tiny images and tiny videos datasets.
Date22 September 2009
CreatorsKarpenko, Alexandre
ContributorsAarabi, Parham
Source SetsLibrary and Archives Canada ETDs Repository / Centre d'archives des thèses électroniques de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
Detected LanguageEnglish

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