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State-of-the-art review: Seismic response analysis of Operational and Functional Components (OFCs) in buildings

A building is composed of two main types of components: structural components (see Figure 1) and non-structural components (NSCs) also called operational and functional components (OFCs) (see Figure 2). OFCs are those components or systems housed or mounted in the buildings which are not part of the main or intended load-resisting system of the structure. Therefore, the building structure is commonly called “primary structure” or “supporting structure” and OFCs are also known by alternative names such as "non-structural elements", "building attachments", "architectural, mechanical, and electrical elements", "secondary systems", and "secondary structural elements".
Date2013 June 1900
CreatorsAsgarian, Amin
ContributorsMcClure, Ghyslaine (Supervisor)
PublisherMcGill University
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CoverageBachelor of Engineering (Applied Mechanics)
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