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A statistical problem in the geometry of numbers.

A well known theorem of Hurwitz states that any plane point-lattice, which has no points in the interior of the star-shaped domain |xy| ≤ 1, must have the area of its fundamental parallelogram ≥√5. In this thesis a generelization of plane point-lattices, with respect to the star-shaped domain |xy| ≤ 1, is given and it is shown that the average area ≥√5.
Date January 1952
CreatorsSmith, Norman Edward.
ContributorsZassenhaus, H. (Supervisor)
PublisherMcGill University
Source SetsLibrary and Archives Canada ETDs Repository / Centre d'archives des thèses électroniques de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation
CoverageDoctor of Philosophy. (Department of Mathematics.)
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Relationalephsysno: 000793069, Theses scanned by McGill Library.

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