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The Effect of True Colors Workshop Participation on Time-to-Degree

This study explores the relationship between major changes and time-to-degree at a large, public university in the Southeastern United States. In addition, it analyzes the effects of participation in True Colors workshops (a major decision-making intervention) on major changes and time-to-degree while controlling for competing explanations (i.e., demographic factors, GPA, major). While researchers have often suggested a link between major changes and enrollment beyond four years, they have not often studied this relationship. Moreover, researchers have not studied the effectiveness of True Colors major decision-making workshops on major changes and/or time-to-degree.
Existing research establishes the negative effects of extended enrollment (e.g., shortage of institutional resources and workforce) and examines the interrelationship between student demographics, institutional selectivity, and time-to-degree. Additionally, researchers have found personality to be highly related to choice of major, and interventions by higher education professionals may be beneficial to students major decision-making process.
Using a quasi-experimental research design, the researcher conducted bivariate and multivariate regression analyses to determine the relationship between major changes and time-to-degree, and the effect of participation in True Colors workshops on major changes and time-to-degree. The researcher found a significant positive relationship between major changes and time-to-degree after controlling for competing explanations (n=349; β=0.16; p≤ 0.01). The researcher also determined participation in True Colors workshops had no effect on major changes (n=684) or time-to-degree (n=351), even after controlling for competing explanations.
Date09 May 2016
CreatorsDavis, Rachel K.
ContributorsCsaszar, Imre Emeric, Alsandor, Danielle J., Arbuthnot, Keena
Source SetsLouisiana State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
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