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Examining Teachers' Attitudes on the READ 180 Program in Six Southern Louisiana Schools

The purpose of this research was to examine teachers attitudes on the READ 180 scripted curriculum in six Southern Louisiana schools. The researcher wanted to evaluate the factors that impact teachers attitudes toward using the READ 180 scripted curriculum in todays classrooms. The study focused on teachers feelings, advantages and disadvantages of the READ 180 program, and how the program is being implemented. To discover teachers experiences with the READ 180 program the researcher conducted audio-recorded teacher interviews, recorded field notes during classroom observations, and collected documents from participating teachers. This study was conducted over the course of four months in which a qualitative research approach was utilized to determine that teachers enjoy the scripted curriculum, both advantages and disadvantages of using the READ 180 scripted curriculum are based on several factors, and how teachers implement practices impacts student learning.
Date12 May 2016
CreatorsDowling, Shanell
ContributorsBach, Jacqueline, Webb, Angela, Fasching-Varner, Kenneth
Source SetsLouisiana State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
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