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An assessment of indoor air quality, lost work time, and perceived air quality in a Winnipeg school division

Indoor air quality measurements and staff absentee data were collected from elementary schools in a Winnipeg school division. Data was collected measuring carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, relative humidity, particulate matter, and in some schools, radon. It was found that nearly all schools were experiencing some measure of IAQ problems. The most common issues measured were low levels of relative humidity and high concentrations of carbon dioxide. No significant relationships between staff absenteeism and IAQ parameters were identified in Pearson product-moment correlations and multiple regression analyses. Survey results found that 96% of respondents found IAQ problems in the workplace, and 79% of respondents show ‘sick building syndrome’-like symptoms. Recommendations have been provided to improve IAQ and establish an IAQ management program in order to improve the indoor environment in the school division.
Date07 February 2014
CreatorsSwail, Heather
ContributorsBaydack, Rick (Environment and Geography) Mallory-Hill, Shauna (Architecture), Griffin, Teresa (Province of Manitoba) Walker, David(Environment and Geography)
Source SetsUniversity of Manitoba Canada
Detected LanguageEnglish

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