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Developing expansion factors to estimate cyclist seasonal average daily traffic in Winnipeg, MB

This research examines travel characteristics of cyclists on active transportation (AT) paths in the City of Winnipeg and develops expansion factors to be applied to short duration cyclist volume counts conducted in Winnipeg, MB. The expansion factors will be applied to short duration counts to estimate seasonal average daily traffic (SADT) volumes in Winnipeg and normalize counts taken on different days with different conditions that could affect levels of cycling in a jurisdiction. This will help answer critical questions regarding cycling in a jurisdiction and allow transportation professionals promote the safe and equitable accommodation of cyclists in our transportation system. This thesis (1) determines which months should be included in the SADT calculation for Winnipeg and selects a method of expansion based on ten years of historical weather data and one year of cyclist volume data; and (2) develops expansion factors which can be applied to short duration counts in order to estimate SADT.
Date08 April 2015
CreatorsBudowski, Adam Richard
ContributorsMontufar, Jeannette (Civil Engineering), Regehr, Jonathan (Civil Engineering) Linovski, Orly (City Planning)
Source SetsUniversity of Manitoba Canada
Detected LanguageEnglish

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