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Who's Afraid of Female Pleasure?

My work is an exploration of female sexuality and the use of the body in conceptual photography. I use photography as a sensual medium that acts similarly to paint conveying visceral and ambiguous qualities in abstract forms. The medium of film becomes eroticized, intertwining the image of body with other bodies on film. The film is treated sensually in its tactility of smooth, slick, luminous qualities; folding; manipulating with heat that gets flushed; bubbling; overflowing on the surface. Femininity and the body are adorned through film; layers that present themselves to the world. We reveal and conceal ourselves in parts. An optical tactile experience; of pushing and pulling; exposing and layering; flirting between visibility in the sensual physical body as the body medium of film. My work expresses the human experience; the body carries a language and performs; acceding to desire and pleasure. My intent is to create an erotic intervention in the content of my images. My research draws from sources that advocate a sexually confident attitude without passivity. / October 2016
Date28 July 2016
CreatorsFreeman, Gwendolyn, Freeman, Gwendolyn
ContributorsKevin Kelly (School of Art), Alward, Sharon (School of Art) Botar, Oliver (School of Art) Millward, Liz (Women & Gender Studies)
Source SetsUniversity of Manitoba Canada
Detected LanguageEnglish

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