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Using Feature Models For Reusability In Agile Methods

The approach proposed in this thesis contributes to implementing source code reuse and re-engineering techniques for agile software development. This work includes an introduction to feature models and some of the Feature Oriented Software Development (FOSD) practices to achieve a lightweight way of retrieving source code. A Feature model created during the course of following FOSD practices serves as an additional layer of documentation which represents the problem space for the developed application. This thesis proposes linking source code with such a feature model for the purpose of identifying and retrieving code. This mechanism helps with accessing the code segment corresponding to a feature with minimal effort, thus suits agile development methods.
At the moment, there is a gap between feature oriented approaches and agile methods. This thesis tries to close this gap between high-level approaches for software modelling (feature modelling) and agile methods for software development.
Date01 June 2011
CreatorsJedyk, Marcin
ContributorsDogru, Ali
Source SetsMiddle East Technical Univ.
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeM.S. Thesis
RightsTo liberate the content for public access

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