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Aerodynamic Parameter Estimation Using Flight Test Data

This doctoral study aims to develop a methodology for use in
determining aerodynamic models and parameters from actual
flight test data for different types of autonomous flight vehicles.

The stepwise regression method and equation error method are utilized for the aerodynamic model identification and parameter estimation.

A closed loop aerodynamic parameter estimation approach is also applied in this study which can be used to fine tune the model parameters. Genetic algorithm is used as the optimization kernel for this purpose. In the optimization scheme, an input error cost function is used together with a final position penalty as opposed to widely utilized output error cost function.

Available methods in the literature are developed for and mostly applied to the aerodynamic system identification problem of piloted aircraft / a very limited number of studies on autonomous vehicles are available in the open literature. This doctoral study shows the applicability of the existing methods to aerodynamic model identification and parameter estimation problem of autonomous vehicles. Also practical considerations for the application of model structure determination methods to autonomous vehicles are not well defined in the literature and this study serves as a guide to these considerations.
Date01 September 2011
CreatorsKutluay, Umit
ContributorsPlatin, Bulent Emre
Source SetsMiddle East Technical Univ.
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypePh.D. Thesis
RightsTo liberate the content for public access

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