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Generalized Finite Difference Method In Elastodynamics Using Perfectly Matched Layer

This study deals with the use of the generalized finite difference method (GFDM) in perfectly matched layer (PML) analysis of the problems in wave mechanics, in particular, in elastodynamics. It is known that PML plays the role of an absorbing layer, for an unbounded domain, eliminating reflections of waves for all directions of incidence and frequencies. The study is initiated for purpose of detecting any possible advantages of using GFDM in PML analysis: GFDM is a meshless method suitable for any geometry of the domain, handling the boundary conditions properly and having an easy implementation for PML analysis. In the study, first, a bounded 2D fictitious plane strain problem is solved by GFDM to determine its appropriate parameters (weighting function, radius of influence, etc.). Then, a 1D semi-infinite rod on elastic foundation is considered to estimate PML parameters for GFDM. Finally, the proposed procedure, that is, the use of GFDM in PML analysis, is assessed by considering the compliance functions (in frequency domain) of surface and embedded rigid strip foundations. The surface foundation is assumed to be supported by three types of soil medium: rigid strip foundation on half space (HS), on soil layer overlying rigid bedrock, and on soil layer overlying HS. For the embedded rigid strip foundation, the supporting soil medium is taken as HS. In addition of frequency space analyses stated above, the direct time domain analysis is also performed for the reaction forces of rigid strip foundation over HS. The results of GFDM for both frequency and time spaces are compared with those of finite element method (FEM) with PML and boundary element method (BEM), when possible, also with those of other studies. The excellent matches observed in the results show the reliability of the proposed procedure in PML analysis (that is, of using GFDM in PML analysis).
Date01 July 2012
CreatorsKorkut, Fuat
ContributorsTokdemir, Turgut
Source SetsMiddle East Technical Univ.
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypePh.D. Thesis
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