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3d Animation For Hand Preshaping

The human hand is an essential part of human body, capable of making complex and expressive motions. Its complicated structure makes it a formidable challenge for animators to animate hand motions. Most computer graphics research on hand motion has focused on preshaping, preshaping and gestures with application to areas of human computer interaction and sign language. There are also a number of educational applications such as typing, playing of musical instruments etc. From a computer graphics standpoint, these applications are difficult in animation of hand.
This thesis aims to animate 3D hand preshaping activity for a chosen virtual 3D object in real-time. Researches on human hand kinematics, structure and geometric stability analysis on preshaping are the main motivation for the algorithms developed in this thesis for animating 3D preshaping.
The algorithm that we developed is made of two main parts. The first part is related with the precision type preshaping requiring the finger-tips positioning for a given object such as the cube, cylinder or sphere. First part is completed by procedural approach which is based on kinematics to generate the motion of the hand for the given virtual object at the determined finger-tip positions.
Second part related with the wrap type preshaping aims to have maximum interaction between hand and object. For this purpose, we have developed the collision detection algorithm to find intersection surfaces between hand and object.
Even though developed algorithm based on the kinematics was used for the precision type preshaping application, it can also be used for many other applications requiring hand animation given the positions of finger tips.
Date01 March 2006
CreatorsGuler, Mehmet Soner
ContributorsHalici, Ugur
Source SetsMiddle East Technical Univ.
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeM.S. Thesis
RightsTo liberate the content for METU campus

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