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Cost-effective Fault Tolerant Routing In Networks On Chip

Growing complexity of Systems on Chip (SoC) introduces interconnection problems. As a solution for communication bottleneck the new paradigm, Networks on Chip (NoC), has been proposed. Along with high performance and reliability, NoC brings in area and energy constraints. In this thesis we mainly concentrate on keeping communication-centric design environment fault-tolerant while considering area overhead. The previous researches suggest the adoption solution for fault-tolerance from multiprocessor architectures. However, multiprocessor architectures have excessive reliance on buffering leading to costly solutions. We propose to reconsider general router model by introducing central buffers which reduces buffer size. Besides, we offer a new fault-tolerant routing algorithm which effectively utilizes buffers at hand without additional buffers out of detriment to performance.
Date01 September 2008
CreatorsAdanova, Venera
ContributorsDogru, Ali Hikmet
Source SetsMiddle East Technical Univ.
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeM.S. Thesis
RightsTo liberate the content for METU campus

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