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Determination Of Relations Between Elastic Properties Of Cement Mortars By Using Destructive And Nondestructive Methods

The measurement and monitoring of the elastic properties of cement-based materials is very important for assessing their quality, integrity and performance. Due to the nonhomogeneous and time-dependent characteristics of these materials, it is difficult to observe the developments in elastic properties with traditional destructive methods.

The aim of this thesis is to determine and monitor elastic properties of mortar specimens made with different cements by using resonant frequency and ultrasonic pulse velocity test methods, and to obtain relationships between these elastic properties.

For this purpose, eight different cement mortar mixtures were prepared with different constituent CEM I cements. Dynamic elastic moduli, static elastic moduli, dynamic Poisson&rsquo / s ratio and strength of these mixtures were observed for different ages. The relationships between these elastic properties are determined and the results obtained from two different nondestructive test methods are compared.

Although nondestructive tests made it possible to obtain elastic properties of mortar mixtures, the results revealed that it is very difficult to develop a single relationship between different elastic properties of mortars with varying mixture proportions. This situation is mainly due to the anisotropy and nonlinear behavior of the mortar and the difficulty of describing the actual behavior of mortar by formulations defined for perfectly elastic materials.
Date01 February 2010
CreatorsDeniz, Saygin
ContributorsErdogan, Sinan Turhan
Source SetsMiddle East Technical Univ.
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeM.S. Thesis
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