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Transformation Through Employee Involvement and Workplace Training: The Challenges of a Changing Business Context at Rocketdyne: Propulsion and Power, Canoga Park, California, 1999.

This case looks at organizational change, funding and environmental concerns that occurred as the company shifted its focus from the military to the commercial. After its acquisition by Boeing in 1996, it developed a vigorous employee involvement program. EI and workforce training were the two key mechanisms to mitigate instability. 120 EI groups developed plus six self-directed teams. Negotiated between the UAW union and Rockwell International in 1990, the EI program creates an opportunity to say how work is done, which represents an important culture change occurs. Leadership skills are just as important to success are technical skills. Rocketdyne is still faced with organizational and cultural change challenges, through the growth in the space sector.
Date January 2001
CreatorsInaba, Takashi, Barrett, Betty
Source SetsM.I.T. Theses and Dissertation
Detected LanguageEnglish
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