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On the Recognition of Parameterized Objects

Determining the identity and pose of occluded objects from noisy data is a critical step in interacting intelligently with an unstructured environment. Previous work has shown that local measurements of position and surface orientation may be used in a constrained search process to solve this problem, for the case of rigid objects, either two-dimensional or three-dimensional. This paper considers the more general problem of recognizing and locating objects that can vary in parameterized ways. We consider objects with rotational, translational, or scaling degrees of freedom, and objects that undergo stretching transformations. We show that the constrained search method can be extended to handle the recognition and localization of such generalized classes of object families.
Date01 October 1987
CreatorsGrimson, W. Eric L.
Source SetsM.I.T. Theses and Dissertation
Detected LanguageEnglish
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