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The Effect of Religious Similarity on the Use of Relational Maintenance Strategies in Marriages

The primary goal of this study was to determine if there was a link between religious similarity and the use of maintenance strategies in marriage relationships through the lens of the investment model. Data from 109 heterosexual married individuals was collected. Through a series of multiple linear regression analyses, results revealed that religious similarity has little effect on maintenance behavior in marriage relationships. The main way religious similarity does impact maintenance behavior is in the participants perception of their spouses maintenance behavior. Specifically, experiential similarity was found to predict perceptions of spousal openness and assurances and composite similarity was found to predict perceptions of spousal openness. Results also indicate that both composite religiosity and composite similarity impacts relational satisfaction and investments in marriage. These results suggest that being religious and religiously similar offers some advantages for married individuals.
Date23 May 2013
CreatorsTaylor, Jamie Karen
ContributorsStephen Yoshimura, Alan Sillars, Christine Fiore
PublisherThe University of Montana
Source SetsUniversity of Montana Missoula
Detected LanguageEnglish
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