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A Novel Microextraction Method for Determining the Presence of Pentachlorophenol in an Ongoing In-Situ Groundwater Remediation

Pentachlorophenol (penta) is a pollutant of concern worldwide. This study looks at a site that has been under remediation for the last 16 years due to penta contamination. The site has been air- and bio-sparged, phytoremediated and undergone in-situ chemical oxidation treatment in attempts to clean the ground water of penta. This thesis explores a novel microextraction method that has the promise of being more sensitive using less sample and fewer hazardous chemicals than conventional methods. Groundwater samples were extracted for phenolic compounds using a novel modified liquid microextraction protocol. Comparing our results with monitoring information from 2014, our method determined that penta is limited to a single monitoring well. However, our report was unable to determine exact quantitative results of penta concentration, due to loss of extraction solvent during the retrieval process.
Date12 August 2016
CreatorsStratton, Julianna Nicole
PublisherScholars Junction
Source SetsMississippi State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceTheses and Dissertations

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