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An Analysis of Water for Water-Side Fouling Potential Inside Smooth and Augmented Copper Alloy Condenser Tubes in Cooling Tower Water Applications

This thesis investigates the potential for fouling in plain and augmented tubes in cooling tower applications. Three primary factors that affect fouling potential are examined: inside tube geometry, water velocity, and water quality. This paper presents a literature survey for in general precipitation fouling, particulate fouling, cooling water fouling, and fouling in enhanced tubes. This thesis also attempts to determine water qualities that are typical of those found in actual cooling towers. The water quality was determined by taking water samples from cooling towers throughout the country and chemically analyzing the samples. From this analysis, three water qualities were determined: an average fouling potential, a low fouling potential, and a severe fouling potential. These water qualities will be used in experimental determinations of fouling resistances in augmented tubes.
Date10 May 2003
CreatorsTubman, Ian McCrea
PublisherScholars Junction
Source SetsMississippi State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceTheses and Dissertations

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