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The Relationship Between School-Based Technology Facilitators, Technology Usage, And Teacher Technology Skill Levels In K-12 Schools In The Create For Mississippi Project

The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between on-site Technology Facilitators, access to technology, technology usage, and technology skill levels of teachers at the eleven C?R?E?A?T?E for Mississippi Partner Schools in the 2003-2004 school year. Four hundred eighteen certified teachers, seven Technology Facilitators, and two Technology Aides participated in the C?R?E?A?T?E for Mississippi project in this time frame in the Partner Schools. Mean difference scores relative to teachers? beginner technology skills and advanced technology skills showed greater gains in Partner Schools that had some level of on-site support than Partner Schools that did not have on-site support. Moreover, schools that had on-site support had greater technology usage rates than the Partner Schools that did not have an on-site support person. Level of on-site support and access to technology, along with other variables of interest, were regressed on teachers? beginner technology skill levels, advanced technology skill levels, and technology usage depicted in the form of student contact hours. The level of on-site support and access to technology explained most of the variance on teachers? beginner and advanced technology skill levels. However, the interaction between level of on-site support and access to technology explained most of the variance on technology usage when loaded into the hierarchical multiple linear regression model further supporting researchers? claims that these two variables are first-order barriers to technology-integration.
Date09 December 2006
CreatorsOwen, Sean Michael
PublisherScholars Junction
Source SetsMississippi State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceTheses and Dissertations

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