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Synthesis, Characterization, Application, and Evaluation of Reactive Sizes for Cotton Warps

<p>The purpose of this research has been to investigate the weaving properties of cotton yarns treated with three newly developed reactive sizing agents. N-methlyocarbamoylethyl starch, N-methlyocarbamoylethyl starch + poly vinyl alcohol (PVA), and N-methlyocarbamoylethyl starch + PVA + melamine formaldehyde have been studied as durable, non-removable sizing agents. Extensive work has been conducted to accomplish the objectives of the current research. The experimental activities have included: developing new reactive sizes; spinning a range of cotton yarns with three levels of twist multiple; preparing and applying size solution; testing mechanical and physical characteristics of sized yarns to evaluate their weavability; evaluating the stability of the sizing agents in woven structures; and performing statistical analyses to investigate the effect of size type, twist level, and solid concentration in the size bath on several yarn properties. <P>
Date05 December 2001
CreatorsHamilton, Todd K.
Contributorsabdelfattah seyam, sam hudson, committee advisor, tom johnson, committee advisor, william oxenham, committee advisor
Source SetsNorth Carolina State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
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