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An Exploratory Study of Factors Influencing e-Procurement

Nowadays, for many enterprises, the advantages coming from the savings of e-procurement systems, which contribute to the increasing of gross profit, benefit more than those coming from the earnings. After depressed economic environment in recent years, the e-procurement system seems to show its unique importance. Even with the economic climate getting better , the urgency to build a sustainable e-procurement system is still very important in establishing the long term competitive advantage of the companies.
In this thesis , an e-procurement strategic alignment model is proposed to build relevant theories through the case study approach . The e-procurement model in the thesis is composed of four major perspectives , including factors such as product , process , supplier¡¦s attraction and supplier relationship. Besides, related issues in each factor are also addressed.
In the so-called meagre profit era , every enterprise should think of e-procurement as a major strategic tool . That is to say , by means of a series of strategic operation in e-procurement and Web / Internet solution , it can reduce transaction cost and streamline procurement process to maximize the synergy in a company .
If the procurement is service , sometimes it is referred to outsourcing . In thesis , e-collaboration plays an important role in strategic products in the supply chain which includes the buyer, Intel , and two suppliers ,OSE and ASE . Futhermore , an e-sourcing system which was usually adopted and executed before e-procurement system was discussed in thesis.
Here there are four hypotheses resulted from case analysis in this study shown below:
Hypothesis 1.¡RIf the procurement or outsourcing service are regarded as one part of the core competence of the enterprise , the company seldom tend to procure products outside or outsource this kind of service.
Hypothesis 2.¡RThe higher the extent to the structuralization of the procurement processes, the easier the processes set up automatically.
Hypothesis 3.¡RThe easier the factors in supply attraction are quantified , the higher the possibility of those factors are electonicalized since quantitative analysis can lead to standardization and structuralization of associated factors .
Keywords¡Re-procurement , procurement strategy , outsourcing , e-collaboration
Date12 February 2004
CreatorsChen, Hung-Che
ContributorsChin - Fu Ho, none, Hsiang - Chu Lai
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsnot_available, Copyright information available at source archive

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