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The Study of Knowledge Management Model for Software Organization-- Using a Domestic Company as an Example

There are many different organizations devote to the methods of software development knowledge, including Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Project Management Institute (PMI), Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Institute for Information Industry, Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C., and so on.However, many small-and-medium-size software development companies apply the methods without considering self-ability and the situation which they are at. I t is easy to be in conflict with internal habit and culture and make a minus effect of promoting management ability.
Therefore, my research will be based on the methodology of commonKADS knowledge engineering and software. First, analyze the enterprise¡¦s current management procedures and the relations among procedures, and then compare with external management knowledge, such as CMMI etc. for structuring the framework of knowledge management system model in order that enterprises can easily develop the proper method of management according to the situation.
Date13 February 2007
CreatorsPeng, Chi-yao
ContributorsBing-Chiang Jeng, Jen-Her Wu, Hsin-Hui Lin
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsunrestricted, Copyright information available at source archive

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