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Corporate E-learning Industry Analysis

Internet already changes the way many industries work, and it starts to change the industry of education. By the characteristics of instant and without boundary, there emerges a new industry called E-learning Industry and many new suppliers such as digital content providers, learning management plateform providers and e-learning service providers ¡Ketc. Whether the e-learning industry will really change now the way corporate training runs and how will the e-learning industry develop in the future are all the serious problems that worth to think about.
Due to the industry is still on growing stage, the model which suppliers work and the way enterprises adopt to practice e-learning are all still in changing. There is no theory which could explain very well, therefore this study uses interviewing and case study trying to describe the history and the state of the emerging industry now and the enterprise need of e-learning.
The discovery of the study including following points¡G
1. The emerging cause and the developing state of e-learning industry.
2. The types of e-leaning solution which suppliers provide and the relation between suppliers.
3. The e-learning need of enterprises and the standards which enterprises use to choose those e-learning solutions.
Date21 February 2002
CreatorsTseng, Yu-Shan
ContributorsStephen D. Tsai, G.Gary Hu, Yuan-Che Hsiao, Shyh-Ger Chen
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsrestricted, Copyright information available at source archive

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