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Database Marketing-A Case of A Cosmetic Company

Cosmetics were considered as luxuries due to lack of surviving materials in the past. Thus the quantity of consumers was limited and their needs were considered identical, it was easier for firms to predict market conditions and profit. Resent years, cosmetics industries are facing steeper changes than before: more consumers possess diversified needs and thus expanded the market size, meanwhile, turning the market more fragile and vulnerable. On the other hand, the Internet has enhanced information flows and consumers¡¦ product knowledge, giving them stronger bargaining power. Diversified consumers and higher time values have as well strengthen the pursuit of product and service by individuals. Thus, marketers are facing faultfinding customers, which no firm could rely on traditional mass marketing methods when promoting products: they must customize their products and services to each individual target customer segment. Therefore, it is important for a firm to build effective database marketing systems and scheme marketing plans and marketing channels via data gathering and data analysis conclusions.
This research served planning and analyzing activities of database marketing as the theme, and applied literature review method to form an integrated database marketing planning procedure. This thesis also served a firm as the case, and conducted in-depth interviews in order to understand the applicability and related operation know-how of the underlying model. The conclusion is that the integrated database marketing planning procedure covers practical operations sufficiently. The study also discovered that different functions of database marketing are valued by different levels in the command chain, thus the objective of database marketing should be emphasizing both promoting transaction and relations. Overall planning as well as data analyzing and conducting data-based marketing plans should also be valued in database marketing implementation.
Albeit practical values are contained in theory architectures, limitations such as representative and objective factors exist. It is recommended that future researchers study further into issues based on or in the structure, or comparing effectiveness of a firm before and after the implementation of database marketing, or to compare whether there are differences of implementation processes applied by different firms in different industries to examine the effectiveness and operational variations before and after the database marketing implementation.
Date27 June 2008
CreatorsHuang, Hsiang-Ting
ContributorsYung-Chih, Lien, Kuang S. Yeh, Chun-Tuan Chang
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsoff_campus_withheld, Copyright information available at source archive

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