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Enterprise Information Security - Backup Systems Planning and Practice

It is well understood that competitiveness is the foundation of business. Efficient information acquisition, distribution and protection proves to not only improve business¡¦ competitiveness but also extend business value to both business partners and customers. Consequently, Information Security has been the rigorous and sustaining challenge to the business.
Thanks to the booming evolution of information technology, business nowadays has proliferated it widely for business operations. Sept 11 catastrophe in US has brought to business a significant yet unforeseen impact ¡V information security reassessment on both backup systems and disaster recovery planning. This document aims at exploring the status quo of domestic enterprises in this regard as well as possible obstacles of the implementation. Through field research and thorough understanding, we¡¦ve observed the differentiation among the industries we investigated. Meanwhile, we hoped to come out some solid recommendations and awareness to the business by applying generally acknowledged standard ¡V BS7799 rules and policies. With that in mind, enterprises then would be able to move themselves faster toward globalization.
For a long time, IT professionals tend to use tape or jukebox as primary data backup media. Today, we can only rely on those tools for alternatives. By current working field, I¡¦m taking the advantage by introducing high-level technologic system frameworks, practices and experiences from international key players in this field. Enterprises are also recommended to start the ¡§BIA ¡V Business Impact Analysis¡¨ to outline a proper DR and Contingency Plan for the sake of substantial and continual support to business interests and long-term benefits!
Date05 July 2002
CreatorsLin, Gary
ContributorsBob Kuo, David Hsu, CF Ho
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
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