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Study how the educational voucher system influence the government's policy and parental choice.

Education good is not only a kind of non-pure public good, but also has the character of external benefit. Government can make up for the market failure by intervene the education market, and sometimes it provides the subsidy for the education through public policies. This paper uses the educational vouchers to provide education subsidies in views of Friedman¡¦s ideal which manifests the goal of the freedom education market. Thus, parents have the chance to choose private schools for their children. The third chapter tries to establish the mixed-regime education model, and study the effects of tax-financing, education quality and the right of choosing schools when the government carries out the educational voucher system under the rule of majority voting. From this model, we find that the practice of educational voucher system has the influence on the income redistribution, and the voucher amounts would influence the education quality which children obtain. By the way, considering the factor of transaction efficiency, we study how the voucher amounts influence the tax-financing and study how to reduce the tax rates under the vouchers system. In this paper, we use the way of parameter simulation to study how the vouchers system influences the parent¡¦s choice on education in the different income distribution structure. In the forth chapter, we aim for the government behavior to the effects of education policies. The government¡¦s objective function includes both the weight of social welfare factor and self-interest of maximizing budget, so we study how the poor groups and rich groups independently choose the public education expenditure and educational vouchers. The fifth chapter is conclusion and offers the study direction in the future.
Date14 July 2004
CreatorsLin, Chen-Xuan
ContributorsTru-Gin Lau, none, Shan-non Chin
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
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