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Flight Catering industry¡¦s response to the challenges of international financial crisis and skyrocketing crude oil price - The Case of China Pacific Catering Services Ltd.

Airlines¡¦ Catering Industry, known as Flight Kitchen, holds an indispensable position for providing cabin service to Airlines. Prepared meals within the kitchen then uploaded the meals to the aircraft galley for flight attendants reheat meals before serving passenger.
Quite a few larger food industries have developed their own central kitchens recently. People understand more about how the central kitchen works and you also can find some research papers studied about it, but not about the flight kitchen. The main operation procedures between central kitchen and flight kitchen are basic the same, except for the menu design, preparation, transportation, management, marketing, and customer services are much more simplified for central kitchen.
Airline Catering Industry basically is a closed market because you have to acquisition a special permission to be able to operate and it¡¦s highly rely on Airlines. Flight Kitchen has been managed stably with the same marketing method for a long time. Facing the difficult managing situation caused by international financial crisis and high oil price, Airlines¡¦ Catering Industry has to figure out a new managing model and market for survive. This study is based on theoretical perspectives from the resources of Airlines Catering Industry in accordance to measure. And how Airlines¡¦ Catering Industry can use the company's core resources to develop sustainable competitive edge to make company be a more flexible and competitive enterprise.
Date19 July 2010
CreatorsWei, Yih-Jiun
ContributorsJen-jsung Huang, Chin-king Jen, I-heng Chen
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsnot_available, Copyright information available at source archive

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