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The Customer Value Research of The eBusiness

The more and more competitive the commercial world is because of the market is opener and globalize. In the traditional age, the core competitive power of the enterprise was the organization of the enterprise, then as the days passing by, the suppliers and partners joined the group. However we should include the customer relationship into the new values network of the business. Due to the e-commerce technology develops the prosperous business world and brings new economic model and competition, the traditional ways to develop the new customers , aggrandize and keep the old customers are not enough to add values to the enterprise , enhance the loyalty of customers and the value of the customers. Therefore the enterprise needs some new models, systems and methods which are suitable for the e-commerce era, in order to run the business in the competitive and variable markets. We have to take different strategies according to the environment and the goals of the enterprise. The objective of this research is to evaluate the customer value of the customer relationship management via e-commerce attributes and the customer relationship management via the case study of using dispatching services of the human resource.
In Taiwan, There are not so much related articles found in discussing about what customers value factors affect the business, and how they appear. I try to sketch the outlines of the research way by the value focused thinking method and the customer value way via the local dispatching industry through the method.
Date22 July 2002
CreatorsTsai, Mei-Chuan
ContributorsWu Jen-Her, Kuo, Tsuang Y., Lu, Iuan-yuan
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightscampus_withheld, Copyright information available at source archive

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